Saturday, January 15, 2011

English Winter Soup

It's winter time, well technically in Mumbai too.... It's  pleasant and the best part is that a you don't have to cover yourslef up from top to bottom. December and January are the only two graceful months of pleasant weather in contrast to the humidity.
Winter is also the time for some delicious soups and it is the best way to hydrate yourself too. I found this recipe here and liked it instantly. The soup is a meal by itself and one bowl can really fill you up!

1/2 cup arborio rice
1tbs olive oil
2 medium sized potatoes, sliced
1cup fresh or frozen peas
2tsp crushed garlic
1tsp nutmeg
2tbs finely chopped parsley
4cups water or broth
salt & pepper to taste
2  hard-boiled eggs (optional)

Heat some oil in a skillet, and roast the rice until gloden brown; this will help the rice to cook faster and give it a nice nutty flavour too. Keep aside.
Heat oil in a pot and add crushed gralic, cook for about a minute and let it not turn brown. Add potatoes and allow it cook for a minute. Add parsely and mix well. Now add rice, peas, nutmeg, water or broth and salt and pepper to taste. Bring the soup to a boil and then simmer the stove to medium and cook for 15 minutes. Serve hot with toast or egg or both. Serves 2.

This is my submission to this month's  No Croutons Required - Rice, hosted by Lisa's Kitchen, to Souper Sundays, hosted by Kahakai Kitchen, to Soup Recipes, hosted by My Culinary Creations and to Winter Warmers, hosted by The Veggie Hut.


  1. this is such a wonderful soup and a meal by itself...perfect for the winter....Will try it soon


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  2. Such a comforting,healthy and filling soup..

  3. lovely! perfect for the nip in the air !

  4. I love soups, they give you a lot of energy without creating a heavy stomach. I love your soup!

  5. This looks like a hearty and delicious soup--no wonder the bowl was empty. ;-) Thanks for sending it to Souper Sundays.

  6. fabulous soup. hearty and delicious. between where do you get arborio rice in India? is it easily available?

  7. Such a comforting soup. Thanks so much for your entry to NCR.

  8. Sayantani: you get arborio in places where you get imported food products, I bought some from Crawford Market in Mumbai....nowadays most of the imported products are available in all the major cities; you will just need to ask around :)
    @ Others: Thank you all for your comments. It is nice to have you visit my space :)

  9. Thanks Megha. will try to find some in spar. the problem here is the shop helpers are very indifferent to customer needs. they even dont know what is what and where they are kept. we mostly ae left to our own mercy to find everything on our own. but now that I know super markets here stock on this, i would be able to find. I thought you got yours from abroad.

  10. I'm a huge soup fan...this is a good one.

  11. Enjoy your blog immensely. A cook after my own heart.

    Going with the seasonal vibe I thought you might enjoy this -


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