About Me

Cooking for me is simple and best when cooked simple....
I'm an explorer in this space and I love to explore through cooking, travelling and interact with people of similar interests.

Why a food blog?
Food is always on my mind and Live to eat has always been my motto. Food blog helps me to improvise and better myself as a cook and increase my curiosity for food as a subject. Your comments and little words of appreciation encourages me to push myself harder to try and explore different recipes that otherwise I would have never thought of exploring.
The recipes are made with the intention of being gluten-free in most cases.Most recipes are either tried from various Internet searches, books or have been a result of my experimentation. Innovating and experimenting with new ingredients gives me a high!

Would love to hear from you,  lvtoeat AT gmail DOT com.

All images and content belong to Live to eat unless specified. If you would like to use any of the images or content, kindly email me and ask for my permission. I will be happy to share.

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